Hey! I’m Jordan, a Product Designer and maker based in Cardiff, Wales.

Right now I’m part of the meeting experience team at Whereby. While also trying to get Timo off the ground.

Professionally I’m a designer. But I’m also a keen cyclist, a home flat white maker, photographer, coffee book collector, musical-nerd and generally design obsessed human.

Tribute to Rome
AppCleaner Redesign
Transaction widget
Concept for a Vinyl Music App
Explore Exotic Locations
Design Humour Concept App
Animated Onboarding Flow using ProtoPie
🚀 Onboarding screens for an upcoming app
🐶Pet Food — iOS Concept App
🎧 Book Foundry — Audiobooks Concept App
🎥 New Video — 5 Figma Plugins for UI/UX Designers in 2021
eCommerce Concept App
Portfolio Hero
Grand Designs
Shopify Widgets

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